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1. VEGETABLE SAMOSA Patty shell filled with spiced potatoes and green peas. 4.00

2. LAMB SAMOSA Patty shell filled with spiced minced lamb and green peas. 4.50

3. VEGETABLE PAKORA Vegetables coated with garbanzo bean batter, mild spices and lightly fried. 3.50

4. CHICKEN PAKORA Pieces of chicken, coated with garbanzo bean batter, mild spices and lightly fried. 4.00

5. CHICKEN CHAT Diced roasted chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers marinated in spices (served cold). 4.00

6. PAPRI CHAT Lightly seasoned flour crisps topped with cilantro, yogurt and sweet and sour sauce. 4.00

7. ONION BHAJI Onion coated with lightly spiced garbanzo bean batter, lightly fried. 4.00

8. ALU TIKI Mashed potato patty delicately fried. 4.00

9. SHAMI KABAB Ground lamb and lentil patty seasoned with delicate spices and fried. 4.00

10. JAIPUR HARA VEGETABLE KABAB Patty of minced spinach, green beans, cilantro, lemon juice and spices, lightly fried. 4.00

11. INDIAN VEGETABLE ROLLS Vegetables minced with mild spices, lightly fried. 4.00

12. TANDOORI JUMBO MUSHROOMS Jumbo mushrooms marinated in spiced mint sauce. 8.00

13 MULLIGATAWNY Soup delicately spiced made with lentils and chicken broth. 3.50



15. TANDOORI CHICKEN Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices. 10.50

16. CHICKEN RESHMI KABAB Boneless white meat of chicken marinated in mildly spiced yogurt. 10.50

17. LAMB TIKKA Boneless pieces of lamb marinated in mild spices. 13.95

18. CHICKEN TIKKA Boneless chicken marinated in spices, broiled on skewers. 10.50

19. LAMB CHOP Rack of lamb marinated in spices. 16.95

21. FISH TIKKA KABAB Boneless pieces of fish, marinated in spices, broiled on skewers. 22.95

22. SHEEKH KABAB Minced lamb mixed with onions and spices. 12.95

23. VEGETABLE SHASHLIK Vegetables and Indian cheese, marinated in spices.10.50

24. TANDOORI PRAWNS Prawns marinated in mild spices. 16.95

25. MINT CHICKEN Pieces of white meat marinated in mint, cilantro and mild spices. 10.50



28. PEAS PULAV Basmati rice with green peas. 4.50

29. PLAIN RICE Steamed basmati rice. 3.50

30. KASHMIRI PULAV Basmati rice with fruit and nuts. 6.50

31. VEGETABLE BIRYANI Assorted vegetables, cooked with basmati rice. 6.95

32. CHICKEN BIRYANI Tender chicken pieces, aromatic spices, nuts and raisins cooked with basmati rice. 8.95

33. LAMB BIRYANI Pieces of lamb, aromatic spices, nuts and raisins, cooked with basmati rice. 10.95

34. PRAWN BIRYANI Prawns and aromatic spices cooked with basmati rice. 11.95



35. CHAPATI Made from whole wheat flour. 2.50

36. PARATHA Whole wheat bread with layers. 3.50

37. KEEMA NAN Nan stuffed with minced lamb. 3.75

38. ALOO PARATHA Whole wheat bread with layers. 3.50

39. CHILI NAN Nan with green chili and cilantro. 3.50

40. POORI Whole wheat flour, deep fried. 3.00

41. BHATURA Refined wheat, deep fried. 3.00

42. NAN Made from refined wheat. 2.50

43. ONION KULCHA Nan with onion. 3.50

44. GARLIC NAN Nan with garlic. 3.50

45. KABULI NAN Nan stuffed with dried fruit and nuts. 3.50

46. SPINACH KULCHA Nan stuffed with spinach, onion. 3.50

47. CHEESE NAN Nan stuffed with cheese. 3.50

48. PAPADUM Lentil, rice and corn, baked. 2.00



50. CHICKEN CURRY Traditional chicken curry, mild. 10.95

51. KARAHI CHICKEN Boneless pieces of chicken stir-fried with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and mild spices. 10.95

52. CHICKEN KORMA Mildly spiced chicken cooked in creamy sauce. 11.50

53. CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Barbequed pieces of chicken with tomato and cream sauce. 12.50

54. CHICKEN VINDALOO Highly spiced boneless chicken cooked with vinegar and potatoes, in spicy sauce. 10.95

55. CHICKEN SAGWALA Pieces of chicken cooked with spinach, mild spices. 10.95

56. CHICKEN MAKHNI Tandoori chicken pieces cooked with spices in fresh tomato sauce. 12.50

57. JAIPUR CHILI CHICKEN Boneless pieces of chicken stir-fried with onion, chili and tomatoes (spicy). 10.95



59. SHRIMP CURRY Shrimp in curry sauce. 13.95

60. PRAWN MASALA Prawns with onions in mild spiced sauce. 13.95

61. PRAWN SAG Prawns with spinach and mild spices. 13.95

62. PRAWN VINDALOO Prawns with vinegar and potatoes in highly spiced sauce. 13.95

63. FISH CURRY Fish in mild spicy sauce. 22.95

64. FISH MAKHANWALA Fish in fresh tomato and cream sauce. 22.95


~ LAMB ~

66. KARAHI LAMB Lamb pieces in mild sauce with onions and bell peppers. 13.95

67. LAMB KORMA Mildly spiced pieces of lamb cooked in creamy sauce. 13.95

68. ROGAN JOSH Lamb in traditional curry sauce. 13.95

69. LAMB VINDALOO Highly spiced pieces of lamb cooked with vinegar and potatoes, in very spicy sauce. 12.95

70. DAL GOSHT Lamb cooked with lentils. 13.95

71. MUTTON RARA Lamb cooked with onion in thick gravy. 13.95

72. MUTTON SOHITYA Lamb cooked with lemon, corn, and touch of cinnamon and cloves. 13.95

73. GOSHT SHAGWALA Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with spinach and delicately spiced. 13.95

74. LAMB TIKKA MASALA Tender pieces of lamb cooked with tomato and cream sauce. 13.95




76. VEGETABLE KOFTA Minced vegetables shaped into balls and cooked in mild sauce. 10.50

77. SAG PANEER Spinach with homemade cheese and spices. 10.50

78. MATTER PANEER Green peas with homemade cheese in mildly spiced sauce. 10.00

79. MUSHROOM MATTER Mushrooms and green peas in mild sauce. 10.00

80. ALOO GOBI Potatoes and cauliflower. 10.00

81. PANEER MAKHNI Homemade cheese with mild spices, cream and tomato sauce. 11.00

82. NAVRATTAN KORMA Assorted vegetables cooked in creamy sauce. 10.00

83. BEGAN BHARTA Tandoor roasted eggplant with onions, tomatoes, yogurt, and mild spices. 10.00

84. DAL MAKHNI Lentils cooked with spices. 10.00

85. MIXED VEGETABLE CURRY Assorted vegetables cooked in mild curry sauce. 10.00

86. BHINDI Okra cooked with spices. 11.00

87. CHANA Garbanzo beans cooked in mild spices. 10.00

88. KARELA Bitter melon cooked with spices. 11.00



90. GREEN SALAD 2.50


92. RAITA Yogurt with grated cucumber. 3.00




94. RASMALAI Homemade Indian cheese in milk sauce. 4.00

95. KULFI Indian ice cream - mango OR pistachio

96. SORBET Mango, Coconut OR Orange 6.00

97. GULAB JAMUN Balls made of flour and milk powder deep fried, floating in sugar syrup. 4.00

98. KHIR Rice cooked in milk flavored with saffron. 4.00

99. FRESH FRUIT Seasonal. 3.00




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